Meet Us  at FBLD 2014 Conference Fragment Based Library Design
21-24 September, Basel, Switzerland
At Basel at FBLD 2014 InFarmatik, Inc. takes prepares a poster with new GPCR Fragments findings with Hungarian and German collaborators.
Meet Us at AACR RAS Oncogene Conference

At Lake Buena Vista at AACR Conference on RAS Oncogenes InFarmatik, Inc. takes part in an N-RAS prenylation poster of Hungarian and Austrian academic collaborators.

Milestone in Covalent Protein Chemistry -
K-Ras(G12C) inhibitors allosterically control GTP affinity and effector interactions

Nature article by Shokat et al at UCSF describes how covalent binding fragment probes helped in mechanism decypheration and selective inhibition of a key oncogene GTPase. InFarmatik, Inc. published the first stabile acryl amid fragment library in 2010 for probing protein hot-spots via covalent binding to a near-by Cystein SH group.


Fragment ​Library Property Characteristics Data Are Updated

Please look at the approriate Chemistry page


Fragment Binding Data for Kinases PIM1 & CK2 and GPCRs 5HT6 & CB1

IOTA Pharmaceuticals (UK) collaboration resulted mass data single point an focused IC50 of kinases PIM1 and CK2, analysis of the data are available.

Targetex, Hungarian company established GPCR fargment screening. 5HT6 and CB1 are the first targets, related single point and IC50 data will be published in a paper on GPCR-likeness of fragmnents being prepared together with academic and online chemoinfomatic partners.


​1000 On-stock Premium Fragment Library Assembled

InFarmatik, Inc. is about to finish 1000 on stock premium fragment library. The 50-60 % of the fragments have measured solubility and stability data. Many of the fragment library members have predicted bilogical data for kinase, GPCR, enzyme inhibitory, nuclear receptor, protease and ion channel activity. There are measured binding data for certain GPCR and kinase targets. Reqest info her



Dr. László Kovács Has Created a New LinkedIn Group


21 March 2013 a new Linked In group was set up, completely dedicated to scientific works related to small molecule - protein covalent interaction. The phenomenon of secondary binding facilitated covalent bond formation of small molecules/fragments to target protein free SH groups, first was exploited on the field of drug discovery by Sunesis. The new linked in group (Covalent Protein Binding) is set up for an open forum to exchange scientific ideas, opinions results on the field of life sciences. ​​

KeMoMo-QSAR Symposium at Szeged 29-30 March 2013

The events is organized for Hungarian chemometry and molecular modelling experts to present their latest results on the field.

Latest Posters Including Fragment 2013 Oxford, UK, Can Be Downloaded from the DOWNLOADS Page