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FBLD 2014, Casel, CH 21-24 Sept, 2014

GPCR Hits: 5HT6, CB1, D1, b2, GPR84 Generated by Fragment Libary Design

Fragments 2013, Oxford, UK 4-5 March, 2013

Strategies in Fragment Libary Design

FBLD 2012, San Francisco, USA 23-26 September, 2012

Kinase Fragment Library Design

Discovery on Target (CHI) GPCR, Boston, USA; 2-4 November, 2011

GPCR Fragment Library

Fragments 2011, Stevenage, UK,7-8 March, 2011

From Covalent Protein Mapping to Self-assembly - Michael Reaction Conditions of Acryl Amide Library