InFarmatik, Inc designed screening compound projects targeting libraries of special properties. The synthesis is elaborated with pilot reaction of the cornerstone compounds of the libaries. 

Target Libraries


InFarmatik designes and validates the synthesis of compound libraries with special properties. These libraries are ready for synthesis partially or in full with a high potential success rate, due to process chemistry based pilot reactions


High-solubility Libraries​​

InFarmatik, Inc. designed libraries with clogP <4 based upon highly soluble scaffolds. The cornerstone compounds of the libraries are syntehsised as for validation. Screening of these available cornerstone compounds  might help in decision making on on-demand sythesis of the the whole library, reducing the cost of the  of discovery.


3D Libraries

​InFarmatik, Inc. has considerable experience in  synthesis of building blocks, scaffolds and fargments of 3D characteristic. By their combinations libraries of spatial propreties can be easily synthesized.