Fragments for Life


InFarmatik, Inc.                                          Pioneering lnnovation in Fragment Chemistry 

The company has been very innovative at Fragment Based Drug Discovery (FBDD). First realized the importance of fragments with designed 3D properties this activity concluded in  In3D Fragment Library

The second milestone was realisation of importance of Targeted Fragment Libraries can guaratee hits on specific ezymes.

This concept resulted GPCR and Kinase Fragment Libraries

As third milestone, INFARMATIK,INC. collaborated with companies to develop GPCR and Kinase inhibitors based on Targeted Fragments. GPR84 antagonist is under patent filing.

Finally in milestone four INFARMATIK,INC. was the first company realized the potential of covalent binding of fargments to proteins and synthesized  Covalent Protein Mapping Fragment (CPM) Library.

INFARMATIK,INC. got experience in designd and tune reactivity of  Covalent Protein Mapping Fragments. This experience is used in the course of INHIBILLION project.